Makeup for Legs with Stockings

Do you want to learn how to make up your legs for a night out while still wearing stockings?

If you want to show off some killer legs, I will give you the exact tips, which you can put into practice so that your legs look perfect. Observe that you do not have hair, although it is stocking season, everything looks at least with thin stockings, which are the most elegant.

Of course the first thing is shave the legs, so that they are impeccable. The next day, apply an exfoliator. If you don't want to spend money, you can use a homemade one. Take note:

  • Fine salt + sugar + shower gel: everything well mixed.

You apply the scrub with circular movements. Rinse with plenty of water, finishing with cold water. Mix in a bowl, moisturizer with 2 Flash vials. Apply with upward movements.

After 5 minutes, mix the makeup of the color closest to your skin in a bowl. Put half moisturizer and half makeup. Mix it well and apply it on the legs.

Once the cream has been well absorbed with the makeup, you you apply sun powder, to illuminate or cream with golden sparkles. Now, you will find it everywhere: Kiko, Mercadona ...

Spend the cold dryer a little while and you will see what crazy legs !!!

Remember the stockings, that you choose you have to be fineIf not, your work will not show off and your legs will be optically perfect with medium density: DEN 12-15, winter ones are thicker than 20 den.

In Calcedonia you can choose a great variety of stockings and at a good price. Remember to bring spare socks. Kisses,

Amparo Martinez MarĂ¡n Beauty Salon

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