Makeup Trends for this Fall

Full color makeup

Perfect look day and night. Wouldn't you like it?
Choose the shades that best suit you. You will cause a sensation!

Makeup Trends

Trends in makeup range from the most natural, washed face effect, Chic at best, animal look trend. Why not? Do you dare to do your makeup or an aleopardado or zebrado enamel? It is very fun and sophisticated.

Eye shadows

The sober tones and with character such as: black, gray, brown, green and camel.
Vibrant and electric like: golds, blues, fuchsias and reds.

Natural like: nude and beige.

Face Makeup: What a beautiful face!

Nude. Porcelain skin effect or washed face, but without any imperfection, predominantly natural colors such as nude, beige and peach.

Correctors and Highlighters Fresh Skin!

The Concealers and highlighters they cannot be missing from any woman's dressing table or toiletry bag. You have to play with both. Choose a very light concealer to hide dark circles and camouflage wrinkles and imperfections such as pimples and redness ... and with the illuminator we will enhance the cheekbones, the cleavage, the center of the lips, to give more importance to our beauty.

He illuminator It has to be white, silver or gold and if we play with all three… I won't even tell you the light that you are going to give off…! (They have to be well worn and only at night).

Marilyn's lips (patent leather)

If you want your lips to be the protagonists, make up Chanel red (classic red). If you prefer to give importance to your eyes, use nude colors, glitters, very soft globes, but very, very patent leather (a lot of shine).

Eyeliners (sparkle eyes)

There is a day style and a night style for eyeliners. During the day they wear: blues, greens and browns to match the mascara or Rimmel the same color. At night they take the Eye Liner black, very marked, with a tail and rather thick. It is put up and down, to give more depth to the eye. It is accompanied by some mega-tabs false. If you dare to wear them whole at night, they are spectacular and if not, put small groups or hair by hair ... And if not ... put on a lot of very black mascara. I love it…!

Oh my ... or in full color! Depending on the shades of clothing that you wear, try to combine the shades and enamelling, to go in harmony and elegance. For the most daring or not, what do I say? For all the girls, who want to go to the last, the whole line of color is put, from now on buy it metallic. They have a pearly effect. You will see how rejuvenates and refreshes appearance!

Animal Trend What a scandal!

That last! If you don't want to go unnoticed, dare to draw shadows on your eyelids zebra effect in black and white; or leopard effect with a golden yellow background, playing with browns and blacks. You have to be a bit imaginative and skillful. For this look you have to have a smooth and wide eyelid, so that the drawing can show off. The result in very chic.

Nail Trend the most sexy

Ah! How not? What fun nails: leopard or

zebra! If you wear it with pleasure, it will be very innovative.

There is also a range of metallic enamels, which are very elegant for the night: metallic navy blue, mother-of-pearl black, pearl gray ...

For the day the trend is different. One nail of each color is worn, but in pastel tones: green, yellow, pink, gray, blue. Both hands and both feet will be painted in the same order of color.

Eyebrows (Frame the face)

Do not wax your eyebrows so much and try combing them. The trend is to wear bushy eyebrows and very well combed.

Blush (Aged)

The trend this fall is to blush the nose and cheeks to give a more childish look as if you had blushed.

Do not forget! It's very important!

Try that the entire color line that you use, especially makeup, concealer, blush and shadows, are lead-free. By having lead, if it is true, they last longer but after a while, for those of us who are getting older, wrinkles become more accentuated and we look like loaded skin. It is preferable that you touch up a little when you need it, to wear the worn skin.

Tips: Beware of Flash Ampoules!

If you have very dry skin, as they have a dermotensive effect, they are drier so that they have a lifting effect and for mature women the skin can crack As time goes by, it is preferable that you use a treatment ampoule before makeup to a blister Flash of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, collagen or vitamin C ...

Encourage you to start all these trends, to be up to date and updated. They are very wearable. Do not cut yourself and be the first to use them to innovate among your friends. Surprise them all!

Mariló Martínez
Marán Beauty Salon

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