Nanomedicine: Tattoo to control sugar levels

A tattoo allows diabetics to monitor their blood glucose level.

A painful prick: diabetics now have to monitor their glucose level by drawing and testing blood manually, sometimes several times a day; But according to the researchers, a new tattoo could make this system obsolete. Scientists are developing a special tattoo ink for diabetics that changes color depending on the concentration of glucose in the body, thus allowing continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels.

According to researchers at the Charles Stark Draper Laboratories in Boston, USA, this ink could save lives and would mean that diabetics would no longer need to perform those painful finger pricks to draw blood or manually measure glucose levels.

This glucose sensitive ink would have to be injected into the surface layers of the skin, but the tattoo would only have to be a few millimeters in size. Tattoo ink is made of tiny porous nanoparticles, just 120 nanometers in diameter. Each nanoparticle contains molecules that detect glucose and a tita that changes color.

Source: Cosmos

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