Fix damage to the floor

Over time it is inevitable that damage will begin to appear on the floor of the house, be it the tile, marble or wood floor. And many times, especially if we laid the floor a long time ago, you can no longer buy individual slabs or tiles of the same color or size.

Homemade trick to fix floor defects

In addition, it is expensive and complicated to change a slab just because of a small damage. If you follow these tips you can make a homemade fix and make the damage on the floor disappear.

Buy a box of colored crayons, the ones that children use when they begin to color. They can be purchased at any stationery store

Choose the color that is most similar to the color of the damaged wooden floor, tile or stoneware - the bigger the box, the more shades there will be to choose from.

With a lighter, heat the wax you have chosen, until it softens and can be molded

Fill the flaw with the soft wax, using a knife to crush it well

Finally, with a cloth, rub over the area, and try not to step on it until the wax has completely cooled.

You can use this trick also to cover marks and fill gaps in wooden furniture.

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