Flights to Europe from Barcelona

Catalonia and, fundamentally Barcelona, ​​has established itself as a great sending and receiving center for passengers through low-cost airlines. During 2004 the year received more than 3.4 million travelers, which is equivalent to almost twice the number of tourists that the rest of Spain receives through these companies.

London, Frankfurt and Dublin

Paradoxically, although the city of Barcelona is a major source of traffic at the origin and destination of passengers, there are two airports -Girona (86%) and Reus (30%) - which absorb all the cheap flight traffic and two very to be considered for any trip to Europe from anywhere in Catalonia. Barcelona airport is in third place with 26% of cheap flights. The main sources of these flights arriving in Catalonia are London, Frankfurt and Dublin

There are three companies: EasyJet, Air Berlin, Ryanair

The three reference companies in cheap flights are EasyJet, Air Berlin and Ryanair and the cities with which they operate flights are the following (the information is current as of May 29, 2005):

  • EasyJet (21% of total passengers). From Barcelona it has flights to Basel, Berlin, Bristol, Geneva, London, Newcastle and Paris. Link.
  • Air Berlin (20% of total passengers). It is the ideal company for flights with Germany (Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dormund, Hanover, Bremen, Hamburg and several others…) it maintains connections from Reus and from Barcelona. It also offers flights to Palma from both airports and to other European cities such as Zurich, London, Vienna, Salzburg ... Link.
  • Ryan air (14% of total passengers). From Girona (Barcelona) it has flights with Paris, Pisa (Florence), Brussels, Eindoven, Bournemouth, Rome (Ciampino), Venice (Treviso), Milan. Frankfurt, London, Alghero, Karlsruhe-Baden, Liverpool, Blackpool, Glasgow, Liverpool, East Midlands, Shannon, Stockholm, Dusseldorf and Dublin. From Reus (Tarragona) there are connections with: London, Dublin, Frankfurt and Liverpool Link.

The statistical data belong to a study carried out by the director of the School of Tourism of the Rovira i Virgili University (URV) of Tarragona, Professor Salvador Antón.

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